The boyfriend decided to be stuck on a bike for 7 days last year riding across the great state of Iowa. He saw some amazing things that he had to share so we decided to recreate one of  those 7 days on a February Friday.It started off with going the wrong way because he looked up the wrong map and adding about a hour to our trip, but that’s all part of the fun. We did one of the last day of ragbrai backwards for scenery sakes since we knew we most likely were not going to hit all the spots.

Lansing Iowa

The first stop Lansing Iowa, right on the Mississippi River with perfect water scenery. If you ignore what looked to be a boat cemetery it was very pretty with spots along the way where I guess the riders were able to dip their bikes in the water and get a perfect picture. I tried my best to use only the Manuel mode with my camera which is a canon rebel t6 but I’m still getting the whole light and focus down so unfortunately I had to use some of the preset settings.

Birthplace of Granny Basketball

The next stop was Harpers Ferry this place didn’t have much to offer like most Iowa town it was fairly small but I did capture the cutest sign right as you came into town. One of my favorite stops was Wayton, how many towns have you passed in your life where they have a random train the middle of a field?


Most of the roads were very windy and steep. Some of the other towns were drove through were Waterville, Postville, Castalia, Ossian, Decorah, and last being Cresco. These are not my favorite pictures by far but I’m just getting started so don’t be too harsh on me. If you would like to check out the whole route from 2017 you can go to


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